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Printing with Integrity

Winning the Right Way!

Let's face it, finding a good business relationship can be difficult.  At ACL! we pride ourselves in treating all of our clients with courtesy and respect.  How do we do this? By making certain that we say what we do, and follow-up by doing exactly what we say.  Sounds simple, right?  And it should be simple.  It's more than just saying the customer is always right; it's making certain that the customer understands and is informed to make the best decisions.

Our employees embrace this philosophy. We do not engage our clients in "Blamestorming"; we simply fix the problem first, and then seek mutual agreement on how to proceed going forward.  Determining blame is a waste of time; providing long term solutions is the right way to win!

We also compete fairly! Yes, we treat our competition with respect.  It may sound weird but we believe that setting ourselves apart by offering better solutions, high quality products and outstanding customer service is more important than wasting our time talking down the competition.  Many times our competitors are faced with a job that only ACL! can complete; a less reputable company may find this an opportunity to steal the client away.  Not at ACL!.  We believe that trust and integrity is a standard that should be followed by all.  Sure we may get burnt along the way, but Winning the Right Way! is more important than just winning.

Fact is, we challenge all of our competitors to compete ethically; win by having a better product, not just a stolen client list.  This makes our industry strong and our clients more successful.  A strong ethical print industry will weed out the less scrupoulus and provide our clients with a great business climate in which to thrive.

At ACL! leading the way in innovation in print solutions is great; doing it the right way is better-- that is uncommon impact.