Timelines for the Marketing Professional

Preparing a tradeshow timeline may be one of the most important things you can do to stay on track and on budget when going to a tradeshow.  Even though it may seem daunting it will definitely help you keep on schedule and your project on track. An experienced firm can partner with you to create a schedule for the busy business professional.  The experience from a display house can benefit you greatly, as they have well established relationships with industry vendors as well as associations on a national level. Another advantage to partnering with an established firm is the assistance they can provide in managing all the details, from submitting forms and reserving payments to ordering services and shipping your tradeshow materials. This is a very crucial part of making sure you stay on budget. Every tradeshow offers two tiers of pricing. The discounted rate and standard rate. You should always shoot for hitting the discounted rate as it gives you a 20% to 30% discount on average.  Once you add up all the totals it makes for a very good savings.

The timeline should always include the following items to ensure proper job flow from all parties involved:

  • ‍Booth  design approval
  • Last day to receive art files
  • Last day for art approval for production
  • Show service(s) deadline dates 
  • E.A.C (exhibitor appointed contractors ) used when ordering labor other than the decorator
  • Shipping dates
  • Show install and dismantle dates  (helps in pre-planning for travel reservations & show set up coordination)

The timeline is often the go to document to keep items from falling through cracks. It is one of the first items we prepare when working with our clients. We understand the importance of your time and most important your budget.

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